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Via Digital Studio (VDS) is the creative studio that gathers technology, talent, art and creativity to build experiences, histories and high expectations for our customers audiences.



Documentaries, commercials, virals. We have the experience to produce videos that your organization need to create and develop its image.



De producto, retratos, publicitaria, callejera, naturaleza. Utilizamos la luz y nuestras ideas, para ofrecer experiencias únicas.


With applications for multiple purposes, multimedia provides maximum quality projections.



Live! Dozens of completed events with Swiss watch precision, and specifications from the most complicated productions.

More creativity...

We have created histories for Public Administration, Private Entities as well as
Non-Governmental Organizations. Following, some of them.

Since 1996

A brief summary of our experiences

December 1996

Born as Auxo Produce S.A

Created our organization, with the objective of providing our customers balance between creativity and resources.

May 1997

University for Peace (United Nations) , Our first customer

We started officially our operations in 1997, producing two documentaries for two important social organizations: University for Peace and the Program Peace Culture and Democracy in Central America (UPAZ)from the United Nations. The documentary "Violence in Costa Rica" witnesses the use of violence to resolve conflicts in Costa Rica.

March 1998

UNICEF " We are changing"

UNICEF and a local organization in Costa Rica allowed us to create a documentary and graphic materialsabout a experience in a community in Pavas (Costa Rica). For both projects we developed a methodology in which the community participated on the scripts, teaching materials and audiovisual workshops.

April 2000


PANIAMOR Foundation choose us to create and develop videos to teach childrens rights. This was used in marginal zones of Costa Rica. It was developed with puppets to break the verticality of the messages provided by teachers and facilitators.

May 2004

ROCHE Presentation of its product "Pegasys"

We did produce the event in Dominican Republic with more than 300 Doctors from Latin America.

June 2009

UNICEF "More than 300 Thousand"

+ de 300mil esta dirigido a los estudiantes para que se acerquen a los procesos electorales en sus unidades educativas. Transformando el aula esta dirigido a profesores, para que faciliten las tareas de los profesores, e incorporen en los programas de estudios, prácticas que promuevan que los estudiantes se queden en el colegio.

July 2011

UNESCO "Pass the ball"

Developed a campaign between UNESCO and Education Ministry of Costa Rica to support educational processes that promote students to remain in their school.

Setember 2012

Via Digital Studio

Via Digital Studio was established as a new brand, wholly owned by Auxo Produce, S. A.

September 2013

HP, "app by Costa Rica operation"

An infomercial for HP promoting its Costa Rica operations and its application development center.

October 2013

EUROCLIMA EN, Climate Change

Euroclima documentary, filmed in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile and Belgium. It is about the influence of the climate change and its changes enacting public policies.

November 2015

KIMBERLY CLARK, corporative video

Video production to showcase their operations, both for internal and external parties. 

December 2016  

20 years of stories

After 23815 recorded minutes, 253 scripts, 4975 locations, 189 burned light bulbs, 4527 edition changes and 63 used cameras, we keep the same mystique and endeavour from our first day.

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Apdo. 758-1200